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Meet Cutie Cooper Aakhus!

This week’s Campus Cutie hails all the way from Minnesota.  Meet junior Cooper Aakhus!  He’s the perfect guy – blond, single, and a Directioner.  Okay, so maybe he isn’t a diehard One Direction fan, but he does know some of the lyrics to their songs.  Read on to get to know Coop a little bit better!

Name:  Cooper Aakhus
Nickname:  Coop
Hometown:  Brainerd, Minnesota
School/Year:  A&S 2014
Major:  Biology


Residence on campus:  Medeiros (I am an RA)
One thing you are most excited about for senior year:  Finally getting to live on lower campus after three years on upper… Mac is getting really old.
Favorite place to eat on campus:  Eagles Nest…They have the best sandwiches.
Best class:  I have two!  Shakespeare and my postmodernism class.
Worst class:  Physics
Things you do on campus:  I am an RA, President of Habitat for Humanity, and a member of the Rhetorical Society.  I also sing in the University Chorale.
Best BC memory (so far):  I was on the crew team freshman year and one day in the spring it was really warm and beautiful out.  It was just a great day on the water!


Biggest pet peeve:  When people walk super slow.  It’s so frustrating.
Last song you listened to:  “1985” by Bowling for Soup
Favorite food:  I know this is not a food, but peanut butter.  I will put it on everything.
Favorite holiday:  I love Christmas!  It’s such a happy holiday.
Greatest fear:  Dementors.  Those things are the worst!
Favorite sports team:  The Minnesota Vikings!  SKOL VIKINGS!
Favorite book:  Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
Guilty pleasure:  One Direction.  I know far too many lyrics of their songs.
Most embarrassing moment:  It was during the period of having two-a-days for football in High School. I went to church one day after practice, but during the sermon my legs started to cramp.  I started freaking out because it hurt really bad and soon the entire congregation was staring at me as I was thrashing around in a pew.  My parents pretended not to know me….
Favorite chick flick:  500 Days of Summer
Four fun facts about yourself:

  1. I have competed in the world’s largest ice fishing contest…but I didn’t win at all.
  2. I detest olives.  They are made by demons to ruin every food they are put in.
  3. I have never broken a major bone in my body (I broke my toes playing football though).
  4. I have fallen through ice into a lake three times in my life, and yet I have not learned my lesson.


Single or taken:  Single
Celebrity girl crush:  Anna Kendrick
Celebrity guy crush:  I’m between Jude Law and Jake Gyllenhaal
Deal breakers:  Smokers, picky eaters, and girls who can’t take a joke.  
Ideal date:  Something fun and casual!  I want to get to know the girl and have a fun time.
Favorite pick-up line?  (I trip and fall on the ground in front of the girl) Did I die?  Because I see an angel in front of me!


Kelsey Damassa is in her senior year at Boston College, majoring in Communications and English. She is a native of Connecticut and frequents New York City like it is her job. On campus, she is the Campus Correspondent for the Boston College branch of Her Campus. She also teaches group fitness classes at the campus gym (both Spinning and Pump It Up!) and is an avid runner. She has run five half-marathons as well as the Boston Marathon. In her free time, Kelsey loves to bake (cupcakes anyone?), watch Disney movies, exercise, read any kind of novel with a Starbucks latte in hand, and watch endless episodes of "Friends" or "30 Rock."
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