Campus Profile

Meet this week's Campus Profile, Courtney Severance!!! 


Name: Courtney Severance

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Year: Junior

Major: Finance and Computer Science

Upper or newton: Newton

Relationship status: Single

What is your favorite part about coming back to BC?

Having fun with all of my friends again

If you were an academic building which one would you be?

Carney because I’m a mess and no one knows why I’m here

Favorite dining hall/what you get there:

Turkey and Brie sandwich from Stuart

Where’s your favorite place to get coffee on campus?

I don’t drink coffee, but I like the Chocolate Bar’s apple cider

Pet peeves: Smelling like food or not having gum/mints after a meal

Biggest turnoff on a first date: Awkward breaks in conversation

Worst/weirdest fashion crime you’ve committed: I went through a phase in third grade when I wore polo shirts every day, including wearing long sleeves under short sleeve ones.

Dream man? Harry Styles minus the two extra nipples

Favorite Rom Com: Twilight even though it wasn’t supposed to be a comedy

Thanks Courtney!!!