Small Victories During Bates Finals

Small Victories During Finals Week at Bates


1. Wearing different clothes than the ones you wore the day before. This is especially true when you stay up all night. I mean, it’s not like you slept in it?? Also, who even has clean laundry at this point in the semester??


2. Printing out final papers in the library and having them actually work. Why is it that the printers seem to be broken whenever you need them most? Double bonus here if you’re able to successfully print out papers in Commons!


3. Making it to breakfast before your morning exam. Brad at the omelette bar made it totally worth it! 


4. Remembering to drink water and not just coffee. Thank you Plant Nanny for saving the day!


5. Staying up all night long and somehow managing to still function. The struggle of walking around PGILL at 3am just to stay awake is so real… 


6. Managing to still squeeze a workout in. The challenge here is not to exhaust your body too much. 


7. Finding a lounge to study in. Holding onto it all days feels like you’re competing in the Hunger Games. To whoever lived in one of the 280 study rooms for several days with a rice cooker.... you're a savage. 


8. Actually making it to Late Night Breakfast. At this point in the week, you’re either done finals and already sleeping or everything is due Friday and you’re in your work to deep to stop. 


9. Remembering that you're awesome even if you look like crap. No need to tell people you woke up like this....everyone knows.