Prepping for Gala, as told by Dj Khaled

Unsure how to get ready for Gala? Ride with DJ Khaled on the path to more success. Here are some wise words from the master himself about prepping for Gala!

1. Let go of the past and start this week with a clean slate. 

2. Prepping for Gala won’t always be easy, but hard work can help you accomplish anything.

3. Take the smooth approach and moisturize after every shower! It will make your skin more hydrated than if you just apply lotion the day of Gala. DJ Khaled recommends Palmer's cocoa butter.

4. Figure out early who you’ll roll with at Gala. 

5. Get lots of sleep this week. The more pillows the better.

6. Get a fresh cut and color this week. 

7. Put in some extra time at the gym this week. The more you sweat the more you’ll shine!

8. Pick your shoes wisely. You’ll be spending more time in your heels than you think. 

9. Good hygiene = Major key. 


10. Celebrate success the right way. Avoid drinking too much before attending Gala. Trust me, you’re going to want to remember this night. 


Next Sunday you’ll wake up after Gala with only one thought: ANOTHER ONE!