De-Coding Bates

Bates College is very unique, including its long list of acronyms and traditions. Hopefully this list helps you de-code Bates a little faster. 

1. The Puddle – This is another name for Lake Andrews. Rumor has it that if you don’t jump into the Puddle sometime during Winter Carnival, you won’t graduate. 
2. Bobcat vs. Batesie – Both are acceptable terms to describe Bates students. Athletes typically refer to themselves as Bobcats, whereas non-athletes tend to lean towards Batesie. 
3. The Goose – This is a bar off-campus called the Blue Goose. As a joke, the upperclassmen often refer to it as “Goose House.” If you don’t know where it’s located a Thursday night, you’re probably too young to be there because it’s 21+.
4. Pepper-Flip - This is a tradition in Commons where a student dares another student to do something. The person who makes the dare takes a pepper-shaker and flips it in the air. If the pepper-shaker lands upright then the other student has to do the dare. 
5. House Colors – If a house’s name has a color in it, such as Yellow House or White House, that usually means it’s an off-campus house. 
6. Lanyard - DO NOT EVER USE A BATES LANYARD. Why? I’m not really sure, but just don’t. 
7. SLQ – The S stands for "Scientific Reasoning," the L stands for "Laboratory Experience" and the Q stands for "Quantitative Reasoning." They’re all graduation requirements so get them out of the way as soon as possible!
8. Commons Crush – Your favorite eye-candy in Commons. It’s ok to have many. 
9. Handshake – Formally known as JobCat, this website seeks to set students up with employers. The Bates College Career Development Center (BCDC) runs it. 
10. Bates Faces – This is a feature on Garnet Gateway that helps you search for current and previous Bates students. You can search for people by class, state, and first and last name. 
11. GEC – This stands for "General Education Concentration." It’s essentially four classes structured around a certain organizing principle. No one really understands the concept of a GEC, especially employers. 
12. Phyllis – This is Bates College’s main photographer. Every student dreams of being photographed by Phyllis. Good luck. She seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. 
13. No Tray No Problem - Don’t use a tray in Commons. A tray is convenient but also social suicide. 
14. VCS – This stands for "Village Club Series." Every Thursday night at 9pm there’s an incredible musical performance in the Benjamin Mays Center. 
15. Chai and Cookies – If an event is offering “chai and cookies” it essentially translates into “please come.” You should definitely go to some of these events and eat chai and cookies. 
16. L/A – Not to be mistaken for Los Angeles, this stands for Lewiston/Auburn. Same but different. 
17. Milts – This no longer exists but it used to be where the Commons printers are now. A couple years ago it was a convenient store, and a few years before that it was the late night spot for burgers and fries. RIP Milts. 
18. FPL – This stands for "Fireplace Lounge." If you’re trying to locate your friends before walking into Commons, this is the prime meeting spot. 
19. SWUG – My most favorite acronym. This stands for "Senior Washed-up Girl." It’s less of an insult and more of a privilege. You’ll understand when you’re older.