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Campus Cutie: Will Lavangie ’15

“I Don’t Know About You, But I Interviewed Number 22” 

On Friday night I had the privilege of sitting down with one of the pitchers, number 22, of the Bates baseball team. With his baby blue eyes and blonde locks, he reclined casually on the lazy boy waiting for my long list of questions. For all those who do not know already him, please let me introduce you to Will Lavangie.  

As I walked into the room, Will was sporting a fitted grey flannel and dark wash jeans. Looking ever so handsome yet casual, his just-showered look paired great with the faint scent of Old Spice that I could smell from across the room. As we had small talk, easing into my long list of questions, I became better acquainted with our Campus Cutie.

A resident of Fredrick, Maryland, Will is a biochemistry major who can be found lurking the halls of his second home, Dana Hall. His astrological sign is Capricorn and he prefers Dominos over Papa Johns due to the “better crust”. A frequent customer of Dunkin Donuts, he also prefers his coffee iced instead of hot. His favorite color is blue, “the darker blues,” and his favorite song is Give It All We Got Tonight by George Strait. At this point I couldn’t help but ask about what I had been staring at during the entire interview…his hair.  

The healthy set of locks that hung just below his ears were calling my attention, and for those who know Will, you know exactly what I am taking about. For those who don’t, please let me explain. Will has dirty – very dirty – blonde hair. Upon analyzing his hair under the light, the blonde streaks glistened. Although he is rarely seen with a bun, let me tell you ladies, he knows how to rock the latest fashion craze. I was curious, is he following the trend? So naturally, I asked.

What do you think of the man bun craze? “Honestly, against the trend. I’ve been anti-man bun. I just think if you have great hair you might as well just let it be free and let it go to work.”

So why did you grow out your hair? Actually, I didn’t want to get my hair cut around here and I thought I might as well just go for it.”

Do you feel you have gotten more attention now that you grew your lush honeycomb locks? Only initially. I expected it to be on point…I’m not one to fish for attention but if I do something to earn that attention I’m not going to complain.”

With the easy yet essential questions out of the way, I was able to get into the good stuff and guess what, he is single! That’s right, I said SINGLE! Of course, for all my girls, I had to further investigate…

Boxers or briefs: “Boxers, they make me feel more free.”

Blondes or Brunettes: “Brunettes, although I don’t discriminate – I’m an equal opportunist.”

Do you believe in love at first sight? “No.”

What’s the sexiest trait in a woman? “Great sense of humor, you can’t take yourself too seriously.”

What do you look for in a partner? “Nothing out of the ordinary, someone who you just happen to mesh with. Someone who is easy to be with.”

If you were to serenade a woman, what song would you sing to her? I would debate between Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye and Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado.”

Do you have your eyes on anyone at Bates? “Yes.”

For that lucky lady out there, or anyone lucky enough to score a date with him, expect to be taken to Max’s Grill because of the, “great atmosphere and great food”, where he assured he will pay.  Before I ended the interview, I had to ask:

How do you predict the baseball team will do this season? “I think we’ll have a great year. You know we lost a lot of big pieces of our team last year but we certainly have the talent and it will be an exciting year. A lot of us are going to have to step up and expand our role on the team.”

So there you have it ladies. Not only is he intelligent, but hilarious as well. If you ever have the opportunity to meet Will or hear him on his radio show, The Jockstrap, that airs on Tuesday nights from 8-10 PM, go ahead and say hello. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the lucky lady to run your fingers through his beautiful head of hair.  

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