Bates Crossword Puzzle


  1. 21% of Bates students are from ____ groups.
  2. Nickname for a washed up senior girl.
  3. First name of the Bates photographer.
  4. Bates belongs to this athletic conference. 
  5. President Spencer’s first name.
  6. Office with the vision statement: “One day all students will champion diversity of thought, experience, and identity.”


  1. Bates is located in ____ County.
  2. Bates building that flooded in Fall 2012. 
  3. The place seniors go on Thursday nights.
  4. The formal name for V2.
  5. Dorm with a floor once nicknamed “TOD.”
  6. Another name for Lake Andrews.
  7. Bates never allowed these exclusive male organizations.
  8. Bates has a 10:1 student-to-____ ratio.
  9. Interim President of Bates College from 2011-2012.
  10. The anonymous app students use on campus.
  11. Center on campus that sounds like Harvard.