Students Say 'Farewell' to LaFollette

Ball State's LaFollette Complex, which opened in 1967, will soon be torn down as new residence halls are built in its place.

Housing approximately 1,900 students, LaFollette Complex is the largest residence hall complex on campus. The complex was named for Robert R. LaFollette, who was a social science professor and department head at Ball State from 1921 to 1961. LaFollette was well-known for his excellent memory and would never forget a student’s name or where the student sat in class, according to the Ball State website.

As students prepare to move out of LaFollette for good, they shared some of their favorite memories with HC Ball State.

Read below for what students are saying around campus.

Hailey C. — "It was the first place I stepped foot in when I came here as a freshman," sophomore Hailey C. said. "I don't think things will ever be the same on the campus without LaFollette, so it'll be interesting to see what happens next and how things change."

Rebecca T. — "[LaFollette] isn't like any of the other dorms," freshman Rebecca T. said. "It's a big community of friends and fun."

Morgan H. — "I found my best friend — my roommate — in LaFollette," freshman Morgan H. said. "That's been important to me."