Meet Ball State: Erin Myers

Editor's note: Meet Ball State is a weekly series that features Ball State students, faculty and alumni.

Erin Myers, a 1996 graduate from Ball State University, stopped to chat with HC Ball State this week. The cardinal turned psychologist lives a busy life, but she said she wouldn't want to change it for anything else.

Check out what Erin has to say about college memories, job advice and life planning during our Q&A with the BSU alumna:

What is your favorite Ball State memory?

Oh, wow. I was boring in college, I think – I'll be honest. But I guess my best memory at Ball State would be the friends I made. I had a lot of girls I was close to, even though I never did the whole sorority thing. But I don't regret that, I had – I still do have – a lot of great friends I met there.

What is your life like now?

I am now working as a consultant in a psychologist's office. I do a lot behind-the-scenes work, not as much with patients. But I'm married and also a mom, and I have two kids. So yeah, I'm busy, but I think all working moms are. It's nothing to complain about – it's actually pretty fun.

How hard was it to find a job after graduating?

I didn't go directly into my field after graduating, actually. I spent some time soul-searching, kind of, and volunteering for a little bit after leaving school. And then I went to Missouri for a few years and did some work out there – that's where I met my husband, actually. But it was never hard I would say to get a job – it just wasn't always a job related to what I'd studied at school.

What do you wish you could go back and do if you were still in college?

College is so different nowadays – I'm not even sure. I guess I would say I wish I could go back and be a little more involved. I was in some clubs and things like that, but looking at these students today, it's nothing compared to that. I would have loved to volunteer more or done some more activities in the community.

What advice do you have for undergraduates at Ball State now?

Don't slack off, always give everything you do your best effort, but don't forget to have fun once in awhile. Life doesn't end after college, but it does get a little more tricky, so just be prepared for anything that could come your way.