Meet Ball State: Allie K.

Allie Kirkman, a sophomore journalism major (with a minor in professional writing) at Ball State will be Her Campus Ball State's new Campus Correspondent starting this August!

Her great writing skills and ability to work with others landed her this leadership position, and we couldn't be more happy about having her join the team in this position.

Here are a few facts about Allie:

  • She's an editor at the Ball State Daily News at the news desk
  • She loves handing out candy — there's always some around her desk!
  • She loves covering police and mental health beats — talk to her about them sometime!
  • She's previously had experience working at several professional and local newspapers, including the Anderon Herald Bulletin and the Lebanon Reporter
  • She loves pizza and Chick-fil-A (she fits right in!)

We're excited to have you, Allie!