Meet the 2017 Her Campus Babson E-Board

Founder/Campus Correspondent: Kaina Lisibach

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Why did you join Her Campus?

Her Campus was such a valuable resource for me during my college search, and when I found out that there wasn't a chapter at Babson I knew I had to try to start one. I couldn't find that much information about Babson when I was looking into it and want to be able to provide information to prospective students. 


Senior Editor: Anna Bilha 

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Why did you join Her Campus?

I joined Her Campus because I want to be able to let other girls that have Babson on their college list to know more about us. I also like to be part of a community that spreads information and empowers women.


Events Director: Medha Kolhe

Hometown: San Jose, California 

Why did you join Her Campus?

I personally joined Her Campus because I had used the website because it just covered such relevant information. I jumped at the opportunity to bring Her Campus to Babson because as a supporter of female empowerment, I thought it was so important for us to have a chapter that promoted Her Campus and provided students like myself, a platform to express their views and opinions about life in general through the lens of a college woman.


Marketing/PR Director: Jonika Wells 

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio 

Why did you join Her Campus?

I've always admired the bond writing brings, and recognized how important the presence of a chapter was on a college campus. Not only does Her Campus provide a comforting platform for collegiate women to express their opinions and share their stories, but also unites us despite our many similarities and differences. Her Campus helped me a great deal during my transition to college life, and furthermore gives me the opportunity to connect within the Babson community and beyond.


Social Media Director: Celine Chen

Hometown: Hong Kong 

Why did you join Her Campus?

I joined Her Campus because I think that it's an amazing platform for women to read and write about the things that interest them. It's also great for prospective Babson students to learn more about Babson through our articles. I read a lot of Her Campus articles in high school on topics such as college application advice, dorm essentials, etc and they were super helpful which is why I joined Her Campus Babson to help other people get a grasp of what Babson and college in general is like.


Copy Editor/ Treasurer: Daniela Blanco 

Hometown: Dallas, Texas 

Why did she join Her Campus?

I decided to apply to join Her Campus because I wanted to be a part of an organization that helped women in college, and those who are looking to go to college. During my college search, most of the schools I applied to had a chapter, except Babson. When I heard that people were trying to start a chapter, I signed up!