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My roommates and I have been trying out new coffee places around the QC area for the past month. There’s not much else to do around here on Sundays so we might as well spend money on some coffee!!

(Dunkin and Starbucks are a given. Starbucks is always good, and Dunkin is either creek water or heaven.)

How we rated things: Vibes and Coffee. If they were close enough in rating, we would keep them as one. If they were drastically different, we separate the two.

First stop: Coffee House @ Davenport.

8.75/10- Let’s start off with the coffee itself. I got a dark chocolate cold brew creation. Someone got a Lavendar something and a brown sugar latte. We would collectively say it was OK! It was a little pricey, but they did have fun seasonal drinks. They also do coffee flights there which was enticing to use. You can choose from a preselected assortment of coffees.

We rated the place on the vibes and the actual coffee. This is the vibe assessment. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Such a cute quaint space. They have live music there on certain days which I thought was a cool feature. The workers were amazing and so cool.

Bonus points for food: I got a cup of their chicken tortilla soup and fell in love.

Second stop: QC Fuel @ Moline.

7.5/10- Coffee. The cool feature of this place is that they do protein shakes with coffee and fun flavors. So, it may be a stretch to give a review on the coffee, but I know the protein shakes were delightful! I think the roomies got a cookies and cream, Reese’s, and Smores. I got a pumpkin toffee iced latte which was very delightful as well. Lots of fun flavors to try.

2/10- Vibes. This is one of those small shack-like coffee places you drive up to. But this one has a twist. It’s touch screen ordering? For a first-time customer there, it was very hard to navigate, and it took forever. A real-life person was available to help if you pushed a button which was helpful. Overall, it was a very frustrating experience to order via touch screen. Maybe if I was more familiar with the menu it would have been easier.

Third stop: 392 @ Davenport

10/10- Coffee. That’s right a perfect score! Let’s start with the coffee. I wish my drink would have been bottomless. The smoothness of the coffee. The homemade salted caramel and vanilla syrups were a dream come true. The specialty drinks were amazing!! One roomie got sweater weather which was a combination I can’t remember but I know I will never forget not ordering that. Another one got cold turkey which had Burbon salted caramel syrup and many other scrumptious things. The coffee is a little pricey, but it is very worth it in my opinion.

Vibes. Club music in a coffee shop. Brick walls. Cool merch. Good artwork. Free lemon water. What more can I say? Vibes were very different from your typical coffee house. Very upbeat and loud. It has more of a social feel than grinding on homework feel. They also had free coats and jeans outside for the people in need in Davenport which I thought was pretty cool. The food menu looked so so good. I will have to go back and try out the food menu.

Next stop: Iron and Grain @ Moline……

Honorable mention: Milltown Coffee @ Moline.

I’ve been there many times, but the roomies have not (don’t worry I will take them there). They have bottomless iced coffees and amazing food. Really good place for studying or catching up.

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