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It’s the best time of year again! The time where you can wear a sweater and fun pants one day and a warm-colored sundress the next. I know it sounds pretty overwhelming but seriously, use these temperature changes to your advantage. Enjoy the moments that allow you to add a chunky cardigan to your favorite skirt and tank combo. Fall fashion, contrary to popular belief, may have the fewest rules when it comes to what you can and cannot wear on a daily basis. Whether it is 80 degrees or 65, there is an outfit with your name on it. 

Let’s start with layering. Something that seems so simple can be tricky when combating this type of inconsistent weather. No matter what, I always have a sweater on hand. Carrying around a colored zip-up or a cropped cardigan for when you’re in a cold classroom/office space can add a pop to any outfit. The same goes for shoes. While no-show socks and sneakers were in for a while, the ankle sock is back! A flowy dress and wedges are perfect until it downpours in the afternoon. Adding a fun pair of sneakers to a rather summery look acknowledges that yes, you do know it’s the middle of September but hey, it’s 75 degrees so why not? Ankle socks keep your feet warm and dry while also bringing a tiny detail that adds a world of difference.

The most important thing is a good ole fashion shoulder bag. Purses are essential always but especially in this season. Normally, I prefer a phone-sized crossbody that fits just my phone, wallet, keys, and lip gloss but for fall, have one that ensures room for an umbrella and a few extra items. You never know what can happen. This is another way to draw eyes to your outfit. Make this fun! Use that hot pink purse in the back of your closet when you wear an all-black look. 

Fashion only has the rules you make for yourself!

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I love coffee, my dog, and self-help writing. On a mission to empower girls supporting girls
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