Arctic Waters

As I look in your arctic blue eyes

I fall deeper into the tide 

That washes over me 

And cleanses all that used to be 


I forgot how floating above water

Makes me stronger 

No longer afraid of the light 

That kept me trapped in the night 


The sea opens its arms 

Saving me from the storms 

A lifeboat I’ve been searching for 

That willingly brought me ashore


Those arctic blue eyes 

Know just how to optimize 

The dark gray sky 

That was hovering nearby 


After all this time 

I found eyes that refine 

The storms that left me bruised 

And afraid of anything new


What I once thought was broken 

Has now been reopened 

And redefined 

I have been revived 


Your arctic blue eyes 

Allow me to realize 

That the love I give

I deserve to receive