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There have been mixed emotions about the announcement of which celebrities will be performing at this year’s Auburn Airwaves concert- Kesha and Nelly! Although most Auburn students have expressed either excitement or indifference toward Kesha’s presence at the upcoming concert, there has also been a surprisingly negative response by the student population. I have seen so much Kesha hate on Twitter and YikYak, it made me feel like I had to defend my fabulous pop star homegirl.



There were a few very different student reactions to the fact that Kesha Rose will be coming to Auburn on April 18 for the yearly Auburn Airwaves concert.

Kesha’s extraordinary career speaks for itself, and her stellar role model status is indisputable, but unsurprisingly, many people still dislike her. The music industry is infamous for being prejudiced against women, and it is unsurprising that our lovely Airwaves pop star is getting flack for her openness about her life and her music.

Here are a few reasons why Kesha should be your new unproblematic fave, and you should go rock out at Airwaves with all your friends!


Super Catchy Music- I don’t know a person who hasn’t gotten a Kesha song stuck in their head for a whole day. Her music is undeniably catchy, and is awesome party music. Come on, you can’t claim that you haven’t passionately sung along at least once with Timber when it plays on the radio. It’s the perfect music for getting over breakups, for head banging in the car, and for expressing the little bit of rebel in you that makes you want to party. 




Unproblematic Music- along with the fact that her songs are super amazing and get stuck in your head so that you’re jamming all day long, they are surprisingly unproblematic. Her songs are no Blurred Lines, promoting rape culture and sexist ideas right in the lyrics. She is no Eminem, releasing whole discographies glamourizing abuse. She sings about her overcoming a tough time in her life, sings about having fun at parties, sings about looking hot in red lipstick, and sings about beards. I have yet to find a problematic song of hers, and I don’t think I ever will. Even though some may consider her raunchy, she sings about topics that are universal, promote a healthier self-image, and do not glorify things like abuse.




Fashion Sense- just look at her. Look at her impeccable makeup. Look at those magnificent outfits. Look at her perfectly pastel hair. Her style is so edgy, so put together, and so on point that it almost hurts to look at her elegant, sophisticated splendor and compare it to your own style. She’s not afraid to break from the norm, which is what makes her such a stylish celeb! She is not only a music icon, but has become a bit of a fabulous fashion icon as well. 



Good Role Model for Females- Kesha has been through so much in her life. She has battled an eating disorder, undergone intense scrutiny and criticism of her body and her lifestyle, sued her own producer for sexual assault and battery, and is still on top. She has overcome so much adversity in her life and is still a wonderful, glittery angel who sings about her own strength and power. If there were more women like her in the world, the female population as a whole would be simply unstoppable. 





Openness About Safe Sex- many people like to bag on Kesha for being too “raunchy” and sexual in her songs. However, in modern society, it is no secret that young people (even young women, shocker!) are engaged in sexual activity, and they are doing it unsafely. The singer does sing about sex, but in a way that is never disrespectful to women, and even promotes safety during the activity in a way that is exciting to her fans. If you’re going to sing about sex, do it like Kesha and keep it safe and healthy.




Outspoken and Firm About Her Beliefs- Although they may be a little controversial, this wonderful pop star stands strong in her beliefs no matter what people say. She stands resolutely in favor of gay marriage, to the point that she has declared that she will not get married until there is complete marriage equality in America (not to mention the fact that she has officiated homosexual weddings in the past!). No matter how you feel about her opinions, you have to respect the fact that she is proud of how she feels about the world, and that she has a cause that matters to her.



SPARKLES- What human being doesn’t love a little sparkle in their life? Glitter is a universal joy, and Kesha is doused in the glorious stuff. Who wouldn’t love a woman who brings a little more sparkly joy to the world? Yeah. No one. 




Love Kesha? Hate her? Tell us why in the comments!

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Meghan is a senior at Auburn majoring in microbiology and minoring in journalism. She has been a contributing writer for Her Campus since her freshman year of college, and she absolutely loves it! Her life is made up of alternating periods of stress and relaxation, but full of joy. She loves octopi, Dr. Pepper and strong jawlines.
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