Campus Cutie: Olivia Pierce


Major: Graphic Design 

Age: 22

Relationship Status: In A Relationship

Celebrity Crush: Clive Owen 

What three words would you use to describe yourself? Creative, bold, and sassy

Favorite Movie? Elizabethtown 

What’s your spirit animal? Revlon red lipstick 

Do you have any hidden talents? I can screenprint anything and I always have a steady hand 

What are you involved in on campus? I'm a Kappa Alumni and an active member of AIGA

What’s your favorite thing about Auburn? The small town feel but the fact that there's so much to do. 

How would you describe the Auburn men of today? The men of Auburn are diverse and stick to themselves. The good ones are hard to find. 

What is you idea of a perfect date? In Auburn, my perfect date would be going to a nice dinner and ending the night getting drinks. 

Favorite Fashion Trend? Classic little black dress

What’s the best thing a guy can do to get your attention? Actively trying to see me and talk to me. 

What is one thing you wish boys would stop doing? Wearing cargo shorts and flip flops 

What are your post-grad plans? To work at a large Southern lifestyle magazine