The Books and Background of Mary Flinn

And the settings of her novels?  Well, they are all places that we recognize and know like the back of our hand. In fact, don’t be surprised to read about her characters going to dinner at Macado’s or The Red Onion Café and attending Appalachian State football games. While not a graduate of ASU, Flinn has always loved the mountains and the beach, often spending family vacations at The Outer Banks, where her second novel, Second Time’s a Charm, takes place.

Now Flinn is preparing to release her third novel titled Three Gifts, which is a direct sequel to her first. Three Gifts picks up right where The One left off, and answers all of the questions readers may have had about what happened to Chelsea and Kyle. While she could not tell me too much about the novel without giving it away, she did say that it is an awesome Christmas story with some predictable moments and some surprises along the way too. Not to mention that it is set to be released on November 22, just in time for the Holiday Season.
When asked how writing has changed her life, Flinn said; “Writing has given me my voice, even at fifty-three years old, when I started. After my life and career and whatever else I have accomplished, I believe that writing this series has brought all of my passions, beliefs, and the humor within me to the surface. Handing over the raw manuscript to an editor was like handing my heart and soul on a silver platter to a stranger.”
I truly believe that sometimes the best way to take a break from reality is to step into someone else’s for a while. The reality that Mary Flinn creates in her novels is sweet, heartfelt, real, and most importantly, relatable. Her voice is captivating and will truly leave you wanting more. So, I encourage you all to make a little time for yourself and pick up a copy of any of her three novels. The best part is, they are available literally right around the corner at Black Bear Books in the mall, Boone Drug, and even the ASU bookstore!
Happy reading!