1. There is absolutely no bar scene, which means that your social life revolves around house parties.

2. Making a Walmart run is an all-daynot to mention exhaustingactivity. That's why you ask all of your friends if they need anything before you go.

3. Any personal upkeep that you don't do yourself, like getting your hair highlighted or eyebrows waxed, goes out the window. You can't remember the last time you had a manicure.

4. Due to the lack of any stores in close proximity, a large portion of your time is spent online shopping.

5. There is exactly one grocery store in the town where your school is located. You're slightly bitter when your friends at other colleges say they have a Whole Foods nearby.

6. You've given up on trying to explain where your school is. "Is it near *insert city name here*?" "No, it isn't near anything."

7. Since your dining options consist of approximately four restaurants, you have all of their menus memorized. You're probably friends with the owners too.

8. You're overwhelmed by all of the food choices when you go to another town.

9. This probably explains why you feel the need to stop at every fast food place you pass on your way back to campus.

10. People ask how you don't go "stir-crazy." The truth is you feel that way sometimes.

But you're much more involved in your college's community as a result!