Rashid Chico Kosber

HC: Do you intend to stay in America after graduating from Amherst?

Chico: Depends on where I attend medical school but there is a high possibility I would stay here. If not the states maybe Australia or South Korea.


HC: What do you miss about home?

Chico:  I always miss the people not the place.  I miss my dog, my little sister—she's the person I miss the most—,my parents of course.


HC: Do you miss the food?

Chico:  Of course! I get to eat a mixture of Palestinian, Arabic, Korean and Indian food. Every day would be a different thing.  I'm really craving an Arabic dish called maftool or maghrebeya, depending on your dialect. It's sort of like couscous but it's a bigger dough ball with meat and onion broth with hummus and chickpeas and everything is slow cooked. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make it, but it's so good.  I also miss galbi, which is like Korean spare ribs and they are marinated beforehand so it's really good.


HC: What do you hope to get from Amherst?

Chico:  I hope to get a lot out of it.  I want to see how much I will grow because I've always struggled against my environment. I always needed to go after the things I wanted and fight for them. Here it's so much easier, it leaves you so much time to be creativity.  When you're in an environment when you need to fight for something, you can be creative but of course its easier if you're environment is open.  In terms of education, I was very with the English system education because it was too focus on one thing.  Knowledge for exams not knowledge for yourself.


HC: Anything else you would like to add?

Chico:  I always advocate for Seeds of Peace. A conflict resolution camp where teens from Palestinian, India and Pakistan will talk things through dialogue, just trying to hear the other side.  Nothing may happen through the dialogue, but just hearing it makes a huge change. I also advocate for equality for education.  If you fix education, everything else will be fixed. But that will take generations to fix, so it's best to start early.