Campus Cutie Zoe Pappas '19


Campus Cutie: Zoe Pappas, 19


Grade: First year


Potential major: I dont know, man.


Dorm: North


Where are you from?

Summit, New Jersey.


What are some of your passions or things you like to do on campus?

Well Im a swimmer so I practice a lot and all that jazz. It doesnt leave much free time so I just sleep and work and hang out with my friends.


What brings you to amherst?

I just loved it when I came and visited. I had an awesome recruit trip and I loved the people and that it was small. The rest is history!


What is your favorite place to go on campus?

I love the freshman quad, looking over Memorial Hill. All the treeseven though they're dead now.


What is your favorite book in the whole world?

Thats a hard oneI could go with like either The DaVinci Code or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


Why DaVinci Code?

I think its cool that it meshes art, history, and action. Ive read it a lot of times.


Whats your spirit animal?

An otter!



I dont know, they just kinda like hanging outand cuddling.


Whats your idea of a perfect date?

Im literally down to do whatever on a date. Pizza and video games, or like a walkAs long as its with a cool person.



Whats the craziest thing you've ever done?

Once I asked out a stranger on a dare. He said no, but thats okay.


Was he cute?

Yeah, he was cute.


Whos your favorite professor?

Professor Benedetto for calculus. She makes it not as bad as it could be. She also has candy in her office hours.


What three things in your room describe you best?

I have a bunch of thank you cards from kids that I coached this summer, and I just loved my job this summer. Thats one of the things I just loved; teaching tiny humans how to swim. I did bring my harry potter book with me too. Oh, and I have a poster that the swim team made for me on my recruit trip. Its one of the reasons why Im here because they put a lot of effort into showing me why Amherst is awesome.