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The Perfect Movies on Netflix for Any Mood

Netflix can seem endless. You can scroll for hours without finding the perfect movie for your mood. There’s so much to pick from that the choices become overwhelming, and you just end up rewatching your favorite Friends episode for the tenth time. After seeing this happen far too many times, I decided to compile a list of the perfect movies on Netflix for any mood you may have.


This biopic of the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat is a compelling look into a creative, but deeply troubled, mind. If you’re ever feeling low on inspiration while creating your latest masterpiece, turn to Basquiat to see how a master did it. Plus, David Bowie co-stars as Andy Warhol!

Stressed- Frances Ha

When everything is piling up on you, there’s nothing better than to watch someone else charmingly fail at life worse then you ever could. In this Noah Baumbach film, Greta Gerwig stars as Frances, a young woman living in New York who just can’t manage to get it together. It’s hilarious, heartwarming and one of my all time favorites.

Sad- Zoolander

Whenever I’m feeling down, I like to watch a tried-and-true comedy classic. Movies like Zoolander combine the comfort of an old favorite with the constant laughs that will take your mind of whatever’s troubling you.

Artsy- I Killed My Mother

When all you want to do is wear black turtlenecks, smoke cigarettes and maybe even move to Paris, take the cheaper, healthier route instead and watch this story of exquisitely filmed existential angst from Québécois director Xavier Dolan.

Happy- Amelie

This Wes Anderson-esque French film is perfect for when you’re already feeling bubbly and don’t want to watch anything that will harsh your vibe. 

Scared- Rosemary’s Baby

This horror classic has all the terror, but none of the jump scares or gratuitous gore of more recent scary movies. I won’t say too much of the plot to avoid spoiling it for you, but it may make you resolve to never get pregnant.


Rebellious- We Are the Best!

When you’re sick the system keeping you down, turn to the story of three Swedish girls who decide to start a punk rock band. For even more girl power and spunk, try one of my favorites, Thelma & Louise.

Musical- 20 Feet from Stardom

This incredible documentary chronicles the lives of some of the greatest backup singers in music history. Each woman is fascinating and impossibly talented, and they give behind the scenes looks into the making of dozens of classic songs.

Dramatic- Paris is Burning

Whether you’re already feeling fabulous or you need a confidence boost, check out this documentary about 1980s New York City drag culture. In addition to showcasing the impeccable glamour of its subjects, it’s also an eye-opening look into the intersections of race, gender and sexuality, and a first hand account of the effects of the AIDS crisis.

So stop scrolling and start watching!

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