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Jenner Sisters Launch Spring 2016 Fashion Collection

If you “keep up” with Kardashians and Jenners, you have known for a long time that Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been teasing their new high-end collection on their social media for weeks now. We have seen Kylie herself wearing pieces from the collection on her snapchat story, making fans anxious for the release of the line. The collection is finally here, and it’s appropriatey named, “Kendall + Kylie.” 

This collection is extremely chic, as opposed to the twins’ Topshop line, as well as the one for Pac Sun. This collection has a variety of clothing styles including dresses (both casual and dressy), as well as jackets, tops, skirts and pants. However, what really stands out are the shoes. Each pair is chic and classic, while still featuring elements that make them unique to Kendall and Kylie. They offer classic takes on the traditional pump, but the dip detail on the side adds an edgy touch.

Overall, this collection is very well done. This collection seems to fit their own personal style better than any of their previous lines do.  What is missing, however, is an element of cohesiveness.  Their other brands are spread around at other stores and are dissimilar to the style of this brand.  In the future, fans and consumers would certainly love to see the variety of styles caputured in all of these lines come together in one collective brand. Both Kendall and Kylie have very unique styles.  Kendall is more feminine chic and Kylie is more edgy and modern, and creating a brand that encompasses these styles in a wide variety of items from casual wear to formal wear, many retailers can begin to sell their clothing to a larger group of consumers.

Some of our favorite pieces from the line are pictured below:


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