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How to Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” Without Chocolates or Flowers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.
Typically when we think of Valentine’s Day, we associate the day with romance (if we have a significant other) or a day of the harsh reality that we are intimately alone in this world. Regardless of what the day stands for, we all share the common perception that Valentine’s Day is a day of giving chocolates and flowers to celebrate our romantic relationships. However, there even more creative ways to tell someone how special they are that do not include the traditional gifts.

These meaningful gestures may take a lot of time and thought but your significant other will appreciate it more than words can express.

“Open When” Letters:

Write your Valentine letters that he or she can open only during specific moments, such as letters that say things to make him or her feel better when he or she is sad, happy, lonely, etc.  A few other ideas are to Open when you’re mad at me, Open when you miss me, Open when you’re bored. Here are more “Open Whens”.

“What I Like About You” Book:

For your Valentine, create a book that highlights your favorite things about him or her. Be creative and add some cute decorations and pictures!

“52 Reasons Why” Cards:

Similar to the “What I like about you book” is the idea of using a deck of cards to tell your Valentine why you love him or her. Every card should have a different reason.

Movie Ticket Jar:

Most of us sentimental girls tend to save the little things like movie tickets, concert tickets, or even receipts that symbolize those special moments with our boyfriend or girlfriend. Take those tickets and put them in a jar of some sort. Leave the jar plain or decorate it, but either way this gift shows how much you cherish the little things, such as movie dates.


And if you still want to give your sweetest something sweet then here are some other options that don’t include a box of Godiva’s.

“I Love You More Than” Cookies:

Have a box of cookies made with each cookie giving a different thing you love your Valentine more than. These are like comparisons. Personalize them with specific references of things your Valentine likes. Be creative!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries:

Anything but chocolates! Plus, these are pretty, sweet and delicious! Make the presentation more fun by arranging them to look like a bouquet of roses.

Candy Poster of Love:

Use a variety of candies to create a special message of love. Find pre-printed posters from Etsy.


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