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Chinese Proverb Gives Singles Hope Fate Exists After All

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us might be thinking about what to do with our significant others, while others want to avoid the day altogether and enjoy the single life. The rest may still be wondering why they are still living the single life, but we recommend you look to this Chinese proverb to brighten up your day.

According to legend, a red invisible string connects those who are destined to find themselves, no matter the time, place or circumstance. this legend is called the “red string of fate,” or the “red string of marriage,” and it is an East Asian belief that claims two people are infinitely connected by an invisible red string and will find a way to be together.

Throughout their lives these people will be connected by the red string that, no matter what happens, will never disappear. It doesn’t matter the city, country or continent the people may be in, they will always find each other sooner or later. This is the moment legend becomes truth.

The legend mentions that it is possible for people to have met before they were aware of how their lives would be affected by each other. 

When these two people meet, legend says that a series of extraordinary events will take place that will bond the two people together forever. They have a special connection that will make it seem as if they were cut from the same mold.

The legend also mentions that the red string can get tense because the differences between the two people will cause them to become distant at times, sometimes forgetting about the connection that they have. Days, weeks, months or even years can go by before they find each other again. But they both know they will find each other again. This connection is only possible within the legend.

Is it a shot in the dark to believe in fate? Maybe not, if you are connected to your soul mate by an invisible string.   If you find yourself wondering why you’re single on Valentine’s Day this year, remember the legend that reminds us that someone out there is connected to you in ways beyond your control.


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