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7 Thoughts Every Californian On The East Coast Has When It Gets Cold

1. There are actual seasons here… and there are a lot of reasons why fall is the best season. The trees turn all at once and the autumn leaves have so many hues of orange and brown and yellow leaves, and everything in between!

2. There are so many boots and scarves and generally preppy clothes. Do I adopt these new looks or retain my west coast style? Either way, try fall transition pieces or check this fall fashion guide.

3. Rain! We are so lucky! We need this! Oh wait, this state isn’t parched by a drought?

4. Rain… What do I do? I’m not used to it lasting for more than a week. I’ll have to buy my first raincoat and my first umbrella, and figure out which shoes are waterproof (my moccasins and Rainbow flip flops for sure aren’t).


6. Why does everybody hate snow? It’s so magical and pristine!

7. I have equally conflicting feelings of loving the East Coast and missing California.


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