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7 Best Hiking Trails in D.C.

With spring (hopefully) right around the corner, it’s time to look at good places to hike and finally be outdoors for longer than 20 minutes. As the weather gets warmer, it’s a great time to explore D.C. nature and be one with the wilderness in between library sessions. Hiking is a great activity to clear your mind from the stress of school, take a break from the bright screens of your phone and computer, and bond with a friend you bring along or even have some quality time with yourself. Here are seven hiking trails close to American Unviersity for you to explore!

1. Rock Creek Park

Entrance: 3545 Williamsburg Ln NW, Washington, D.C. 

Length: Three short three-mile hikes, or the longer 10-mile trail

Details: Two primary trails: the Western Ridge Trail and the Valley Trail

2. Great Falls

Entrance: 9200 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, Virginia

Cost: $3 entrance fee

Details: 800-acre park with trails that lead to the falls

3. Glover Archibold Trail

Entrance: The corner of Van Ness and Wisconson

Length: Trail goes from Tenelytown to Georgetown

Details: The loop leads to Capital Creasant Trail, and is three miles

4. Capital Crescent Trail

Entrance: At the end of Water Street in Georgetown

Silver Springs, Colesville Road and Second Avenue 

Length: From Georgetown to Silver Springs, 11-mile trail

Details: Most of the trail passes through parks and other wooded areas; it passes over four historic bridges, through two historic tunnels, and provides beautiful vistas over the Potomac River

5. Battery Kemble Park

Entrance: Nebraska and Chain Bridge Road

Details: Soils of the National Park Service Civil War Defenses of Washington sites. Also known as where AU kids go sledding.

6. Westmoreland State Park

Entrance: 1650 State Park Rd., Montross, Virginia

Length: 5.6 miles

7. Little Falls Branch Stream Valley Park

Entrance: Macarthur Blvd. Bethesda, MD

Length: 3.5 miles

Details: From the trailhead on MacArthur Blvd. to Massachusetts Avenue, the trail has a steep grade


If you still need some push to go hiking, researchers found it’s good for your health. 


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