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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Whether we want it to or not, the semester is really starting to come to a close. The thought of returning home and being away from our amazing friends here may make it seem like you should spend every possible second going out. We all know that there are more important things to do, and that this isn’t the best decision we could be making, so here are some reasons to take just one night off from going out and to stay in.

1. It’s cold out tonight: do you really want to deal with walking or even waiting for an Uber?

Unless you’ve lucked out and have a designated driver, odds are transportation to and from the party are going to will be a nightmare. No one likes walking in the cold at night, especially after a long night of dancing and socializing. And even if you Uber, you’ll still have to wait out in the cold hoping your driver can find you quickly.

2. There won’t be food at the party.

Food is one of, if not the, most important part of my day. Even if I’m only leaving campus for a little, I make sure to load up my purse with emergency snacks. Unfortunately, whipping out a protein bar in the middle of the dance floor isn’t really accepted at most parties, and it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll have snacks on hand. If there’s no food, then why bother?

3. It’s healthy to give your liver a break.

You only have one liver, and I would assume most of us plan to use it for many more years. And even if you don’t drink when you go out, I’m sure your body as a whole could use a break from going out in general.

4. You interacted with people all week, and this is a perfect opportunity to avoid human interaction.

It’s getting to the point in the semester where even being polite to people takes huge amounts of energy. And going out is only going to require you to talk to even more people and pretend like you care about what they’re saying.

5. Netflix.

No matter how much time you waste on it, there will still be something new and exciting to watch. Or at least entertaining enough that you watch 8 seasons of it.

6. You probably won’t meet your one true love at this party.

With the 60/40 ratio against those of us looking for guys, it’s nice to think that you’ll meet some amazing guy at a party who will sweep you off of your feet and spend the entire night talking to you. But if you’re meant to be, you’ll meet him eventually.

7. You’ll run into that one person you can’t stand at the party.

You already have to hear their opinions in class twice a week, and run into them in TDR far too often. Don’t set yourself up for another opportunity to see them and here all about their thoughts on the latest world news.

8. And your ex.

Enough said.

9. There will always be another party.

As strong as FOMO can be, and as much as we think this party will be the best all semester, it won’t be. Trust me.

10. You need to catch up on sleep.

Going to sleep before midnight is pretty rare for me, but when it happens, it feels absolutely amazing. Even if you have a tough time falling asleep or readjusting your body clock, just being able to lay in bed and know how much sleep you’ll be getting is the greatest feeling.

11. It’s cheaper to order take-out than it is to take a 3.2 surge priced Uber.

Not taking a $50 Uber (I kid you not, this has actually happened to me) is the perfect justification for ordering lots of take-out. You’ll be treating yourself, and hopefully even saving money that would have gone to a lone, awkward ride home tonight.

12. You could catch up on chores if you’re feeling really ambitious.

Okay, this probably won’t happen. But it’s still a nice idea, and once you start cleaning, you’ll want to keep going until your entire dorm or apartment looks perfect.

13. You can crack open one of the books you’ve had on your list for years.

I’m a huge fan of reading for fun, and it’s something I always seem to forget about during the school year. Take a night off from all of your assigned reading to pick up something you’re genuinely interested in, and enjoy reading it because you want to, not because you have to.

14. You can call your parents and show them how responsible you’re being.

Depending on your relationship with your parents and how often you go out, they may be pleasantly surprised to find out you’re staying in for once during the weekend. Regardless, your parents will love to hear from you anyways.

15. Just because.

Sometimes you just have that gut feeling that going out is a bad idea, and sometimes you just really need that night in alone. Whatever the reason, don’t be afraid to skip going out for the weekend and enjoy a quiet night in.

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