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11 Struggles Every Tropical Girl Goes Through During Winter

Being born and raised on a tropical island, I was ecstatic to come to D.C. to study. One of the things I was most excited about was winter. The idea of waking up in the morning to snow and winter clothing attracted me so much. Yet after going through last year’s horrible winter and trying to survive this one, there are things that I still can’t understand about this season.

1.  You’re all “OMG SNOW!!” the first 5 times but then it just gets annoying. Can it just all go away please?

2. What is this contraption called coat? Any extra clothing on us just feels stupid.

3. Sandals > Boots. Boots are heavy man.

4. We like every sweater at H&M and Forever21, even though we know they’re no good at all.

5. The sun is out but for all the wrong reasons. Our type of sun is the all-day-on-the-beach-tanning kind.

6. We never know what’s really cold and what’s “OK” because at the end of the day, we can’t wear our shorts.

7. Tan? What is that? Ours sadly just fades away.

8. We think of scarves as cute accessories, not like a barrier from the wintry wind. How do you put those on anyways?

9. You never thought you would use a heater, EVER. AIR CONDITIONER ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

10. Chapstick all of the sudden becomes your boyfriend.

11. Our lack of winter clothing is depressing. Why can’t it be summer?

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Puerto Rican sophomore studying Public Relations & Strategic Communications, Marketing, and French.