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10 Things Girls With Braids Understand

If you have rocked box braids, micro, and corn rows during your lifetime, you have probably gone through these ten things while rocking your braids. 

1. Spending your entire day at the hair salon because braids take a long time. 

2. Knowing you don’t have to get your hair done for at least two months. 

3. Feeling like a goddess when you’re oil sheened up, fresh from the chair, and feeling beautiful.  


4. The importance of Ibuprofen because tight braids are no joke.

5. Getting annoyed when people play with your hair. 

6.  Developing strong neck muscles due to your heavy hair.

7. Not getting any sleep the first few nights because your scalp is burning.

8. Getting questions such as “Did your hair grow overnight?”….Uh no but thanks for noticing. 

9. The value of friendship when it’s time to take your braids out. 

10. Knowing braids is one of the best hairstyles out there.

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Tamara Young is a sophomore studying Political Science and Public Communications. 
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