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The 10 People You See in the Library

Even if we never plan it, all of us have ended up in the library at one point. If you spend enough time there, you will probably end up seeing these 10 people.

1. The one who has moved in and is surrounded by all their stuff

You can find this person buried under a pile of textbooks and empty food wrappers. They practically have an assigned seat, since they always have their spot. One of these library-dwellers even said, “being in Mudbox is like a part time job. I’m here at least 20 hours a week.” But kudos to these people, we may never understand them, but we have to admire their dedication.

2. The one who is reluctantly gathered for a group project

You’ll see this student sitting on the couches with a random group of people, usually all staring sadly at their laptops. There’s one person typing up the entire project. There’s one person who has probably never read the textbook. And there’s always one person who walks in late with food, and still makes an excuse to leave early.

3. The one who is just there for the snacks

In the 20 minutes of passing time, you’ll see this person running downstairs to get food between classes. They are basically just there to grab a muffin or get their daily coffee-fix. This person probably doesn’t even know that people study there.

5. The one frantically writing a paper in the corner

If you are ever at the library past midnight, you will definitely see this person. Having procrastinated on their 20-page paper, they have decided to pull an all-nighter to get it done. All night, you can hear the faint sound of their aggressive typing, which is usually fueled by caffeine and panic.

4. The one sleeping on the couches at weird hours of the night

Then there is this person, who has completely given up on the frantic paper-writing and is curled up on top of their textbooks and papers. They never look comfortable passed out on the couches, but going back to their room would be way too much effort at three in the morning.

6. The one running in to print a paper five minutes before class

This person finished the last sentence of their research paper right before class, and you will see them sprinting into the library to print it shortly afterwards. Then they run out to class, looking stressed and holding onto pages that they didn’t have time to staple together.

7. The one being awkwardly tutored

This person is being tutored by an upperclassman about what to study for a test, since they haven’t shown up for the last few months of class. The tutor is making an attempt, but doesn’t really remember anything about supply and demand curves from first semester of freshman year. Nobody knows what they are doing.

8. The one who is talking to a career center person about their life

This person is sitting at a table and talking to someone from the career center, who is just trying to guide students through life. This person is trying to pretend that they have a five-year life plan, even though they don’t even know what they are doing tomorrow.

9. The one interviewing for a job

While trying to impress an interviewer, this person is talking about how they helped with a club event, once. They bring up their last internship, but they don’t mention that all they did for four months was organize the file cabinet and take coffee orders.

10. The one who has formed a sad study group with their friends

This person is bonding with their squad by stressing over homework together. They don’t really achieve much, since their friends keep sending them Buzzfeed quizzes or poking them on Facebook. But it’s not all bad. After all, nothing brings people together like mutual procrastination.


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