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10 Basic AU Instagrams

With the use of Instagram on the rise, the hunt for the perfect selfie angle, how to get the most likes, and how to become instafamous is on. But what about the perfect picture? What picture will start you on your track to internet fame? Well, if you’re looking for likes, these are a few pictures to avoid throwing up on the gram, because chances are your AU followers have seen more than enough of them.

1. The most common and the most basic of all the AU instagrams: The Quad in spring. Lovingly adorned with a #home

2. The thrilling sequel to “The Quad in spring”: The snowy Quad

3. The picture you vaguely remember taking at a frat house, but you and your girls still look hecka cute.

4. The classic tourist picture of the Washington Monument, or other D.C. symbol. Double basic points if you pose with it Leaning Tower of Pisa style.

5. That beautiful sunset over MGC. Cropped and filtered for asthetic purposes of course.

6. Braving the desolation of EQB to show off your AU pride.


7. The picture every single Freshman posts when they visit campus for the first time.

8. The #dormlife pre-party picture in your hallway. 

9. That one time you actually went to a basketball game.  

10. And honestly, if you don’t have an American flag picture, do you really go to AU?


If you scrolled through these pictures and found yourself recognizing more than a few of them, then you might be #basic. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everyone is guilty of snapping a sunset picture once in a while.If you want less basicness and more awesomeness, check out Her Campus on Instagram!

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