Your Name

Your Name is a Japanese romantic fantasy drama film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai and produced by CoMix Wave Films.


Its about a japanese girl who lives in rural Japan and a japanese boy who lives in Tokyo. They swap bodies when they go to sleep, almost like a dream. But they know it is not. They know it is something more. They know they are connected to a complete stranger and soon, they find out that they are not only connected across space, but also across time. The boy, to be exact, is three years in the future but they experience each other’s lives as if no time at all seperated them. This is because they are tethered together by something more than love, trust, hope, destiny and sacrifice. 

They are secured by an invisible, red string. According to japanese leyend, we all have a soulmate and we are tied to them by this red string. A string that cannot be broken, a string that will let us know we have met the right person, a string that will allow two people to mend together effortlessly. I think it is a beautiful string and a wonderful movie that portrays what a soulmate is.

Everyone should watch this movie. It is heartwarming and passionate, filled to the brim with compassion, hope and persistence. Yes. Persistence. Because the boy’s persistence saved the life of the one he most loved. 

Sorry. No more spoilers. Promise. Just go watch it. 

It is almost Valentine's Day. I hope you spend it with the one who holds the other end of your red string. If that is not the case, spend it with friends and family who are tethered to you with a different but equally unbreakable string. If friends are not available to you right now, spend it loving yourself.