When we forget our blessings

God never leaves us even if we leave Him. He never forgets us even if we forget Him. 

Sometimes, we need to change our thoughts and perspective and not our circumstances. We cannot take our blessings for granted because one day they might not be there. Most importantly, we need to be patient with ourselves and trust God’s timing. For me, that has been crucial. It is not on my time. I am not in full control of my life. God always has been in control. This is His universe. And I cannot take that away from Him.

I know anxiety gets the best of us and I know we have big plans that seem unreachable. But, we need to focus on the present moment. That can be difficult, but the present moment is God’s moment. For now, let’s ask ourselves: “What can I do for God today?” Let’s ask ourselves that question every day.


“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.” ~ Psalm 94:19