God Made You

"You are beautiful. I know because I made you" - God

Do not believe your thoughts, especially when they tell you that you’re nothing. Do not believe your mind when it lies. I know this is difficult because it’s like having a relentless bully living in your head. Here is the truth: You are a beautiful person. You are filled with good things. You have love, empathy, compassion, understanding, generosity and humility in your heart. You have been wonderfully created and God thinks about you every day. He decided to use His breath to create you. We all are an intrinsic part of Him. He knows who you are profoundly, and he values you, like the son or daughter he made you to be. He wants to touch people with your hands. You are a walking miracle, set on this earth to love and be loved, to take care of others and be cared for by others. You fight for your goals every day. You are responsible, determined, driven by a desire to achieve your dreams. You have a big, tender heart where your loved ones can sleep in. People need you and the world would be a less wonderful place without you.