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Sometimes I miss me

And how I used to be

When my schedule wasn’t filled at every hour

With things that don’t benefit me.


I value time alone

My solemn silence at early hours of the morning

The rest of the house still fast asleep

Just me.


I miss having hours to waste

Deciding whether I should to draw or paint

A solemn sense of peace I haven’t felt in a while

Just me.


I miss self care routines and beauty days

Wasting away the minutes relaxing under a freshly washed blanket

Face mask on

Not wasting my thoughts and my energy

There are no deadlines during alone time

Just me.

Raina is a college senior studying Psych and Music at SUNY Albany. She is originally from Queens and her biggest creative inspirations come from daily life in the city. Feel free to contact her at [email protected]
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