Michelle Obama Rocks Her Natural Hair and the Internet Can't get enough

In the eight years that the world grew to know and love her, former first lady Michelle Obama was known for always keeping her hair medium length and straight. But recently, a picture of the former FLOTUS rocking her natural texture surfaced on Twitter. We’ve seen her style switch up from wearing a lob (a long bob), to beautifully pulled-back updos, and even as medium-length, wavy tresses. And with the picture of former FLOTUS Michelle’s natural hair surfacing, the internet is loving it.

Though it’s not actually known when the picture was taken, one thing that is certain is the praise that came with it, this is because, in most places, natural hair is deemed as “unprofessional;” so seeing the former FLOTUS wearing her hair naturally is a pretty big deal.

To many something like this would be considered so trivial but this is exactly what representation is all about. Even if former FLOTUS Obama’s hair was frizzy and poofy, something that small could encourage someone else to rock their natural tresses without any more chemical straightening. In fact, most would be surprised how influential seeing someone with the amount of power Michelle Obama has, wearing their own natural hair.

Though the picture appears as though it was taken during a vacation, former FLOTUS Michelle’s hair has received all sorts of praise. And the best part is, according to her hairstylist Johnny Wright, she’s been natural since the start of her stay at The White House in 2009. “That picture is recent!” Johnny Wright told Refinery29. “She just got back from vacation, I think, on Friday. I’m not sure if it was her going to the airport or coming back. But that is her, and it is recent.”

Will we see more of the former FLOTUS’ hair in its natural state? Based on what the reaction has been from social media, many sure definitely hope so.