The 5 Stages of Midterms Season

As you leaf through you calendar or planner one afternoon, it suddenly hits you: midterms are coming up!

But how could this happen? Classes just started a few weeks ago, right? Well, not exactly. As you double-check your syllabus, you come to the realization that the semester is, in fact, halfway over. While this may be a great cause for celebration, it also means that the midterm crunch is approaching. If anything, you've probably experienced a range of emotions all at once, and can relate to the stages of mid-semester crisis below.


1. You're so overwhelmed that you can't even think straight.


2. Your stress causes you to indulge in the nearest Starbucks treat (totally necessary, right?)


3. You finally sit down and try to get organized. This means going through papers, schedules, and past quizzes to see what you're up against.


4. It's the night before that big test you've been nervous about, so you stay up late to prepare.


5. It's finally Friday and you've completed your midterms! Time to sigh a breath of relief. Your friends might be ready to celebrate, but your bed honestly sounds more appealing than anything else.


Good luck this week, collegiettes!