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Boys World Pushes Women Empowerment With Their Single, “Wingman”

On Friday, January 29th, Boys World dropped their second single, “Wingman.” Still riding the high from the release of the group’s first single, “Girlfriends,” stars-the term used for fans of the group-were ecstatic to finally hear more of what Boys World had to offer. On January 14th, the girls-Elana, Olivia, Makhyli, Queenie, and Lillian-tweeted from the group’s Twitter, “soooooo girlfriends has an older sister now  ? and her name is WINGMAN ?”. After listening to the song numerous times, this is very true. 

To recap, “Girlfriends” is about how a woman won’t give up her girlfriends to please a man-she will stand by them, since they’re her support system, and they will be sisters for life, no matter what. “Wingman”, in a way, piggybacks off of that message, as it is about how you don’t need a man to live your best life; all you need is yourself. 

In the pre-chorus, Olivia and Elana sing “Seems like everybody’s feeling like they gotta have a somebody / But my equation’s me plus me instead of me plus you.” This lyric emphasizes that stressing over having a man isn’t worth it-you have to choose and look out for yourself. Therefore, you realize that your worthiness is not you plus a man-it is you and only you.

In the second verse, Lillian sings, “When my nights are spent and how I’m catchin’ my feels / Won’t be decided by some guy and his prerogative.” This lyric emphasizes how a man shouldn’t be the source you go to when you want to figure out how to spend your free time; the source you go to should be yourself. You rely on what you, yourself, feel is the right way to spend your free time. Again, you have to look out for yourself. 

In the chorus, the girls sing, “I don’t need a wingman / ‘Cause I’m too fly on my own / I don’t need a thing, man / No I-I-I / Ain’t thinking about a ring, man / Don’t wanna be weighed down by that stone / I don’t need a wingman / No I-I-I don’t.” This set of lyrics emphasizes that you are the best version of yourself when you’re on your own-the acronyms of “Boys” in the group’s name actually stands for “Best of Yourself!” Even though a man could make you happy with things such as jewelry or clothes, you can do that for yourself too. Don’t let your man’s gifts make you feel that he is your only source of happiness. Your primary source of happiness can be you. 

“Wingman” is the song that every woman needs. Women need to know that a man is not needed to feel happy and whole. Sure, a man can shower you with charming actions and material things, but it is important to note that you can still  make yourself happy-regardless of whether or not you’re single. Make sure to give “Wingman” a listen, check out the music video, and maybe listen to its sister song, “Girlfriends”!

Hello reader! I am Carmilia Moise, and I am a second-year student at Adelphi University. I am majoring in Nursing. My favorite things to do are sing, act, dance, listen to music, and watch films and TV shows. I’m so excited to share my thoughts and likings through my article contributions to Her Campus!
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