Welcome to the Committee: Mauragh Scott

Name: Mauragh Scott

Studying:  International Relations and Anthropology

Year: 3

Committee Position: Vice Social Secretary


HC: Hi Mauragh! Congrats on your new committee position! How does it feel?

MS: Ahhhh! It feels great! I loved being with Her Campus last year and doing as much as I could, so I’m happy to be here!

HC: We’re happy to have you here too! What made you join HCAU?

MS: In my last week of first year I found the HC Instagram and I just thought it seemed like a really cool society, everyone seemed really friendly, and forward thinking, and I’ve always wanted to write so I just decided to do it!

HC: I love that! So, what are you most looking forward to this year?

MS: Ohhh, probably the Christmas meal! I think it’s really nice and festive, hopefully we’ll have made new friends and it’ll be a nice experience. I’m also really excited to restart the Her Campus Pinterest!

HC: Speaking of our socials, can you tell us some of your plans for the semester?

MS: Well we’re planning the first pub crawl so that's really exciting! And I really want to do something for Halloween, like a movie night, but also going out! I just really love Halloween!

HC: Yess! That sounds amazing, I can’t wait! Have you got any highlights from Summer?

MS: Yeah! Uganda was really fun! I spent 3 weeks in Africa with people from all over the country. We went on a 3-day hike and built a playground for the children there!

HC: Wow! That sounds like a great way to spend the summer! Looking toward the start of term, have you got any tips for our incoming freshers?

MS: Umm, just go to the writer’s meetings and events, even if you’re by yourself because everyone is so welcoming and friendly. You will make friends instantly and yeah, you don't really need to be with other people to start going to a society.

HC: I couldn't have said it better myself! I thought we’d end this catch up with Her Campus tradition… A Quick fire round!

HC:  Fave hype song?

MS: ‘Truth Hurts’ - oh wait! ‘Come Down’ by Anderson Pac, but can I also say ‘Truth Hurts’ by Lizzo!

HC: The book or the movie?

MS: The Book HC: Halloween or Christmas?

MS: Halloween! Duh! Haha

HC: Fave HCAU memory?

MS: I’d probably say the first pub crawl because everyone was so welcoming, and I made so many amazing friends that night!

HC: Thank you Mauragh for answering these questions, it’s been great to catch up with you and I can't wait to see you at the Fresher’s Fayre, and at our first writers meeting!