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Saturday Night Is Pizza Night

Saturday night is pizza night

Saturday night is Pizza Night. I couldn’t tell you when my family started doing this; it’s one of those traditions that has always been there, a constant throughout my life – a comfort blanket of sorts. The beauty of Saturday night being pizza night lies in the simplicity of it. The pizza is homemade; my Dad’s masterpiece, created after evenings spent painstakingly perfecting recipes. The kitchen is taken over, and for hours all that can be heard is different Beatles’ songs drifting around the house, soon followed by the gorgeous smell of cooking pizza.

The centre piece of each night (other than the pizzas, of course) is the film that we choose to watch. Each film follows some theme, whether it links in with a discussion at school, an event that has taken place recently, a historical figure we are interested in, or a place we are going on holiday. For years we would record off the TV, or buy DVDs, so the introduction of Netflix and Amazon Prime has been a life-changing experience in our house.


Pizza night may not seem like much to anyone else outside my family. It is a very simple evening – make pizza, watch TV. To most people it might be the exact opposite of any other bonding activity – we actively partake in an activity where we don’t actually speak to each other. But, as cliché as it sounds, pizza night is much more than just food and movie. Throughout my life a feeling takes place over the house on a Saturday night. It’s a time where no matter the stress, no matter what is going on outside the door, for a couple of hours nothing else matters.


Even as I have moved on and left home, Saturday night still remains Pizza Night. It’s not the same (the pizza is not homemade, and the movie might not be as much of a cultural education as it would be at home), but a real effort is made to continue to recreate the feeling of home. As I get into my fourth year, it is still some time for me to stop worrying, to stay out of the library, and to forget all about the millions of deadlines I have piling on top of me. As I properly grow up, and move out and build up a family of my own, I feel like Saturday will always remain Pizza Night to me.

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