Five of the best things about being at University

Five of the best things about being at University



University is full of ups and downs. One day you can be having the best time of your life with your friends, and the next day you are sobbing in the library because you have two essays, three presentations, and an exam due yesterday. Having experienced both moods over the last four years, as I reach the end of my time at university, I have been reflecting on the best things I have found about being at university, and the things I am going to miss once I graduate!

  1. Independence

For many, university is the first time that you will move away from home. It is the first time that you will be living in your own place, paying your own bills, and making your own food. This is both exciting and completely overwhelming – having to deal with this all on your own can be scary, but having your own place can also be really exciting as you finally have the freedom to choose how to decorate it, what you want, and need. You also have the ability to come and go as you please, without parents asking you where you were, why you snuck in last night, or why you spent the whole of Saturday evening eating an entire pint of ice cream to yourself whilst binge watching Friends on Netflix. Sure, this independence is something that will continue on long after university, but this is your first taste of it.

  1. Long Holidays

For years in school we had months of summer holidays which seemed to drag on, with little to do. We had all these dreams of traveling with our friends to new and exciting places, but were always too young, or never had enough money. Finally, university is the time when things start to intersect, and for four short years we seem to have the time, the money, and the friends to go traveling with. As I get closer and closer to graduation, I become acutely aware that there is most likely never going to be a time in my life again, when each year I will have three months in the summer to travel, work, and essentially do whatever I want, wherever I want. University is also the time when you realise exactly how savvy you can become with money, working out the cheap deals, sleeping on friends’ sofas, and doing the horrible jobs for a couple of weeks, in order to pay for a couple of months of traveling!

  1. Sports Teams and Societies

One of the best things about university is the people that you are able to meet and interact with. Never again will we be in such a place where you are surrounded by people the same age and going through similar experiences as you. For me, the best way I have been able to interact and mix with these people has been through the hundreds of societies and sports teams. University is all about trying something new, so each year I still find myself having a look around at the fayres to see if I’m interested in trying the completely out there and wacky clubs. Of course, for me, Her Campus has played a huge role in making my time in Aberdeen a good one. The opportunity to get to know people from all different subjects, and years, until strangers become family is amazing!

  1. Having friends so close

How beautiful is it to have friends so close that you sometimes don’t even have to change out of pyjamas to meet them? For four years life is like one big Friends episode, where you are living together, watching Netflix TV shows together, eating cookie dough for breakfast, and going on adventures to the beach at two o’clock in the morning. Life after graduation seems to look a bit scary and lonely as you all spread across the world, to excel at the next stages in our lives, so thank goodness for facetime and WhatsApp, meaning that these people are never more than a call away!


  1. Student Discounts

One of the worst things about being a student, is that we never seem to have enough money. SAAS feels amazing for the first week, until it has all disappeared on rent, bills, and food. However, all is not lost, as for four years we are able to get everything so much cheaper! It is certainly going to be a shock to the system next year, when I’m just as poor, but everything is just a little bit more expensive!




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