You Can Now Get Paid to Lay in Bed All Day (Seriously)

In case you're anything like us and one of your favorite hobbies is lying in bed and hiding from your responsibilities, you might be in luck: it turns out that some researchers are looking for people to do just that - and you can even get paid for it.

Cosmopolitan reports that French scientists at the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology have planned a study that's designed to test microgravity and a supplement's effect on the way the body experiences weightlessness in space. To do this, they need volunteers who are willing to literally lie on their backs for two straight months. *Raises hand to volunteer as tribute.* Oh yeah, and they'll pay you $17,000 for your time.

Unfortunately, participation in the study also comes with some major drawbacks. We're talking two months straight here - meaning participants are required to do everything, including eat, bathe and, um, go to the bathroom while lying down with at least one shoulder on the bed. Not only that, but researchers suspect that participants will experience muscle loss and low bone density. The hope is that the supplement being tested will help with these issues, but still. (It also looks like they're only opening up the study to men for now, so there's that.)

But hey, if you happen to have any guy friends who might be interested in getting paid to do nothing other than be lazy from the months of September to December 2017, they just might have found their calling. (And we'll just go back to searching for our dream job that allows us to get paid for our bed and Netflix addiction.)