Worried Her Son Was Driving Them To Drink, A Mother Gave His Teacher The Perfect Wino Present

Mary Sommers, mother to son 14-year-old Jake, has hands-down won the award for Most Cleverly Savage Christmas Gift this year. She described Jake to her local TV station as being “that kid…who always has something to say” and wanted to thank his teachers who have dealt with him by giving both a thoughtful and hilarious present.

Sommers, with the help of her husband Paul and a printing company run by a family friend, created special labels to put on bottles of Chardonnay with a smiling picture of Jake, reading below “Our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us.”

The gifts had the entire Internet LOL-ing after Jake’s older brother DJ tweeted pictures of Mary’s elaborate creation, which has since been retweeted almost 10,000 times.

She told Buzzfeed that “none of the teachers were shocked by it”, citing that they all deserved the wine after putting up with Jake, who she has termed the “school clown”. Jake himself agrees with his title, and even delivered the wine bottles, which he found funny, to his teachers himself.

What do you think of Mary’s gift? Too far, or just another example of parents proving that they too still have a few tricks up their sleeves? I think it’s safe to say that either way, we all could go for some Chardonnay whenever someone starts to get on our nerves.