A Woman Plead Guilty To Incest After Marrying Her Own Mother (Years After the Mother Divorced Her Biological Son)

Misty Spann, an Oklahoma woman, pleaded guilty to committing incest after marrying her biological mom, the New York Post reports.

The pair reconnected after the mother, Patricia Ann Spann, lost custody of her children.

The marriage license shows that Misty and Patricia Ann's wedding was in March 2016, though they thought it wouldn't count since Patricia Ann was no longer listed as Misty’s mother on her birth certificate. This was brought to the attention of authorities during a child welfare check, according to the Associated Press

As if one incestuous marriage wasn’t enough, this union came nine years after Patricia Ann’s 2008 marriage to her biological son. The marriage to her son was soon annulled in 2010 because the son said also plead guilty to committing incest. 

Misty was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Patricia Ann was also charged, but isn’t scheduled to appear in court until January.