Two Virginia Teens Were Arrested For 'Conspiracy To Commit A Terrorist Act" At A High School Prom

Two teens who were planning a "terrorist attack" at a high school prom in Virginia were arrested over the weekend, according to police.

The two — 18-year-old Michael Coleman and an unnamed 17-year-old — were not affiliated with the school they targeted, Bayside High School in Virginia Beach; however, ABC News reported they had been placed under police watch after they attempted to buy tickets to the prom. Officers and the school board also increased security plans.

"It was unusual for someone not associated with the high school, or with anyone at the high school, to want to buy a ticket to show up at that particular event," said Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera. "Based on this information the police department and the school safety department developed an enhanced security plan for the prom."

Then, on the night of the dance, police said they tried to confront the unnamed 17-year-old as he attempted to enter the prom. The minor allegedly took off on foot, tossing a handgun in the process. 

"Officers continued their investigation, and they went through the individual's social media accounts," Virginia's 13News Now reported. "They obtained a search warrant for a room in the Westin Hotel, and when they entered the room, they saw the 17-year-old who ran. He had a semi-automatic rifle in the room with him. Police charged him with possession of a weapon, and conspiracy to carry out a terrorist threat."

Police said they also found Coleman, who "had charges pending for an unrelated case, was arrested and charged with two counts of trying to conceal a weapon and conspiracy to commit a terrorist act," ABC News reported. 

Bayside High School's principal issued a statement on the incident, expressing his gratitude to the Virginia Beach Police Department and the school division's Office of Safety and Loss Control. 

Both teenagers are currently being held in custody.