Teen Fights Back Against Her Bullies in This Powerful YouTube Video

In a YouTube video titled '#labels,' a senior at Millbrook High School in Virginia, Lauren Brocious, puts her best face forward in a brave effort to stop labels once and for all. Lauren is not new to the YouTube game. Because of the bullying Lauren says she has dealt with since the eighth grade, she's been working on a YouTube channel dedicated to helping other teens through their daily life struggles. Lauren has aspirations to be "one of the best news anchors the world has ever seen," and through '#Labels', it is clear that Lauren knows how to move an audience.

The video shows Lauren in a YouTube beauty vlogger's natural habitat; in her bedroom, in front of a camera, looking as if she is ready to treat us to one of the makeup tutorials we all love to watch. Things take a turn and display an emotional transformation rather than a physical one when Lauren begins to write words such as "ugly," "fat" and "stupid" on her face. Lauren takes her experiences with bullies and gives the world wisdom far beyond her years in this inspiring viral video. Check it out below!

Wiping herself clean of the hateful words and replacing them with kinder, more self-loving words is Lauren's way of showing people how to rise above the bullying. There is no age limit on these issues; you are never too old to be bullied and never too young to be wise enough to let bullies know their hate won't be accepted in your life anymore. Lauren deserves a round of applause for sharing her struggle with the world and letting others know they are not alone.