A Student Nailed His 'Reply All' To One Of Those Campus-Wide Emails

You know that one kid in your class who always has the funniest comments, but you’re also cringing because, like, dude, now’s not the time.

Well, apparently every school has one of those kids. And at South Oregon University, the kid didn’t even restrain himself from sending out his comment to EVERY KID AT THE SCHOOL via email.

Last week, the VP for Finance and Administration at SOU sent out an email reminding the students, faculty, and staff, that there are cougars in the area. No, like the animal. You know, panther, puma, mountain lion. Cougar. Whatever you wanna call it. The email was to remind students to be safe because cougars (again, the ANIMAL) can be dangerous.

Well, when “that one kid” got the email, he couldn’t help himself. He replied to the entire school and said, “That’s just my mom.”

We can’t stop laughing at this reply-all win, but we hope for his sake that his mom can take a joke too, otherwise his next visit home will not be too fun.