Starbucks Korea Sells An Avocado Frappuccino & It Needs To Come To The States ASAP

Move over Unicorn Frappuccino — because this summer is all about embracing the avocado. To all my avocado-lovers, Starbucks just came out with this summer’s new not-quite coffee obsession—an avocado frapp that literally looks like an avocado, garnished with a green rim like an avocado peel and a pit made of chocolate!

The “Avocado Blended” is part of the seasonal menu at Starbucks in South Korea. Even though this delicious drink isn’t available in the States, it has gone viral on Instagram because of it's beautiful avocado-inspired look. 

On June 26, Starbucks Korea took to Insta to reveal that their popular avocado drink is back and better than ever. The avocado-flavored beverage has graced Korea’s Starbucks locations before, according to Popsugar.

It was previously introduced back in 2015, and has come back due to popular demand. I mean I can see why, this is basically every millennials dream (including mine)! The dark green “shell” around the rim and chocolate pit were the new Instagram-friendly features added to the drink. 

The avocado-infused concoctions are now everywhere on Instagram and they look mouth-wateringly good. According to Elite Daily, the “Avocado Blended” features a ton of real avocado mixed with some yogurt flavor and some energy-boosting caffeine.  It is bound to be delicious. It is so popular that Popsugar reports that people have immortalized it with fan art



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But alas, Starbucks hasn’t made any plans to bring the Avocado Blended to the States. In all seriousness, you've had three years Starbucks. Three years. How much longer are you going to make us wait for this avocado dream?

In the meantime, we will have to make due with the new summer drinks. Summer Sunrise and Summer Sunset may not be as Insta-worthy, but at least there is foam. The two new drinks are both made with lemonade, pineapple infusion, and Teavana Passion Tango mixes that are topped with “cold foam”. It’s essentially like regular steam milk foam that you’d get on top of your cappuccinos, but just summer appropriate.