Long Live The Queen! Medieval Times Introduces A Woman Monarch To Their Shows For 2018

Medieval Times, a play that tours the US and Canada, replaced their king with a queen for their 2018 tour, according to the Belleview News-Democrat. The role of the monarch had been played by a man for the last 30 years at the well-known dinner theater performances, but will now be given to four different women for the duration of the play’s run. 

Queen Dona Maria Isabella’s rise coincides with other pop culture events designed to give power back to women (including wearing all black to the Golden Globes to raise awareness of the #MeToo movement and the rise of female super hero movies). 

The new version of the show premiered in Dallas after Leigh Cordner, director of Medieval Times, spent 18 months rewriting it. The changes were met with a warm welcome from the audience.

 According to the Chicago Tribune, the director wanted to branch out from traditional story lines where women need to get married to be taken seriously. He said that the changed stemmed from audience feedback (and not necessarily the cultural climate.)

The plot centers around the new queen asking to be taken just as seriously as her father, the former king, was. The crowd cheered as the queen stood her ground when male knights acted up and solved complex conflict with her own strength. 

Allyssa O’Donnell, who performs as the queen in Dallas, said that “It’s always important to give little girls a positive role model. It is so important to give them a strong woman to look up to.” 

The show will play through out year and tickets to a location near you can be found by visiting their website

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