Hold Up, Stop Everything— Is Vine Coming Back?

Last week on Twitter, Vine Co-Founder Dom Hoffmann suggested a return of Vine. He claimed to be funding a “follow-up” to the popular, meme-making video sharing platform that tons of people really miss


Today, Hoffmann shared an image of the iconic green Vine logo that said “V2” instead of just “V.” This has lead to a lot of speculation about an upcoming reboot for the video sharing app.

While Hoffmann has been hinting at his intentions via Twitter, it's all still pretty vague. He said that he had been “feeling” a Vine comeback for some time and has received numerous pleas from the public to bring Vine back. However, he’s yet to give more details saying that there was “nothing else to share yet, but more as it develops." 

Vine shut down shortly after it was bought by Twitter in 2016. This caused huge backlash across the web and a wide variety of Vine compilations to commemorate the app. Vine faced lots of competition from other social media sites that expanded their video sharing abilities, which Twitter claimed as a reason for the shut down.

Her Campus reached out to Vine on Wednesday, though they had no comment on "V2" at the time of publication.

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